Updated:May 16, 2013

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by btb42693

An original theme featuring simplistic, concave elements with dark shadows and glowing blue accents.

There's no other theme out there like this one. It's definitely unique. :)

* A whole new perception to OS X
* Embossed design
* Easy to see buttons
* Blue Shadow accent with glowing active buttons and tick marks
* Concave tab-style buttons, tabs, and menus
* Retina ready!

What happens when you mix both themes, Better Brushed and Blu? Look up Brushed Blu to find out :)


- Finally feel comfortable with the metal buttons, and I can say this should be the final update for those :)
- Added engraved inactive states for window and bottom bar to match theme!
- Slightly changed traffic lights due to inactive window addition
- Slightly modified aqua buttons
- Enjoy!!
- Metal buttons tweaked
- Metal buttons slightly tweaked
- This may update a few more times to get it just right
- Fixed a few minor details on buttons

- Updated for new version of Flavours!
- Changed hover state of traffic lights
- Tweaked metal buttons
- Some changes made to reflect Brushed Blu
- Finally looks like it was designed to look!

- FINALLY, TRAFFIC LIGHTS! They light up :)
- Dramatically improved metal "blu" buttons
- Brought up-to-date with elements from other related themes
- Improved menu bar and Apple logo
- Slightly tweaked window background
- Added to description
- Added to description

- Changed menu shadow slightly
- Unchecked the option to theme close/min/max, since they were not modified. This allows the user to change from "Blue" to "Graphite" in System Preferences while still using the theme
- Added to description
- Other very minor adjustments

- Initial publication

Any feedback, please email me at breburnyuf426@hotmail.com

Thanks for using and enjoy :)

Check out my other themes: Leopart, Planar, Geode, Better Brushed, Brushed Blu and Crouching Tiger! My themes tend to be always in development and could change rapidly… So please feel free to email me if you have feedback!


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