Updated:April 25, 2013

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Crouching Tiger

by btb42693

Derived from "Tigris" by Threed.

With a similar agenda to my first theme "Better Brushed", I wanted to create a theme similar to a past version of OS X while keeping some similar elements of newer design.

Less top heavy with the shadows and a dab of brushed metal, along with playing with a lil' more light; this is the Crouching Tiger.


- Added to description
- There is more to come in the future for this theme… please stay tuned!

- Initial publication

Any feedback, please email me at breburnyuf426@hotmail.com

Thanks for using and enjoy :)

Check out my other themes, Better Brushed, Blu, and Brushed Blu! My themes tend to be always in development and could change rapidly… So please feel free to email me if you have feedback!

Credit goes to Threed for the theme which this was derived from.

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