Updated:August 27, 2013

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Aqua Flat

by Geenz

Very vaguely inspired by iOS 7, this is my take on a minimal Aqua. I took a little bit of inspiration from the Ivericks mockup by Stu Crew. See the credits for the URLs to both the wallpaper and Stu Crew's OS X Ivericks concept. Derivatives are encouraged, and feel free to give me feedback on Twitter via @Geenz for this flavour.

- Made metal and aqua elements more consistent
- Modified the stop lights to be a litte more noticable between their active and inactive states

- Removed dividers between aqua and metal elements
- Added like-colored shadows to the stop lights to give them a slight "glow"
- Added a bit more contrast to the window gradients

Feel free to use this however you please. Derivatives are encouraged, provided you credit this version. This was largely me taking the chance to play with Flavours on my day off.
The original wallpaper can be found here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Deep-Ocean-Wallpaper-193429221
Stu Crew's "OS X Ivericks" concept: http://www.studoesdesign.co.uk/work/osxivericks/

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