Updated:January 20, 2014

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Aqua Flat V.2

by Geenz

As with the original Aqua Flat, this is my take on a minimal, almost iOS 7-like, Aqua.
- “Flat” iOS 7 inspired design
- Retina ready
- Redesigned minimal “traffic lights”

I took a little bit of inspiration from the Ivericks mockup by Stu Crew. See the credits for the URLs to both the wallpaper and Stu Crew's OS X Ivericks concept. Derivatives are encouraged, and feel free to give me feedback on Twitter via @Geenz for this flavour.

- Reworked the color scheme to be much more uniform between pressed and selected buttons.
- Tweaked the menubar’s opacity.
- Added a small outline across the bottom of the menubar to better differentiate it from adjacent titlebars.
- Reworked the traffic lights (close, minimize, and maximize buttons) to have custom hover and pressed images.
- Active and inactive states are now more consistent with their original Aqua counterparts.
- Added light outlines around user interactable elements for better visibility.

- Made metal and aqua elements more consistent
- Modified the stop lights to be a litte more noticable between their active and inactive states

- Removed dividers between aqua and metal elements
- Added like-colored shadows to the stop lights to give them a slight "glow"
- Added a bit more contrast to the window gradients

Feel free to use this however you please. Derivatives are encouraged, provided you credit this version.
The original wallpaper can be found here: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Deep-Ocean-Wallpaper-193429221
Stu Crew's "OS X Ivericks" concept: http://www.studoesdesign.co.uk/work/osxivericks/

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